I have developed my teaching skills for over 10 years as an instructor, teaching assistant, tutor, and mentor. I’ve worked with students on many subjects and of diverse backgrounds ranging from secondary school to graduate programs. As a GSEE Fellow at the University of Washington, my objective is to create opportunities for underrepresented students and to foster inclusivity across the university. I carry this pledge as an educator and I advocate for student-centered learning while nurturing curiosity and success. I am qualified to teach undergraduate economics as well as in-demand courses in the computational and data sciences. I am also qualified to teach graduate econometrics with applications and special topics. 


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Undergraduate Econometrics

Intermediate Microeconomics

Introductory Microeconomics


I have served as the econometrics consultant for honors undergraduates at the University of Washington between 2022-2023 and I will return for the Spring 2024 quarter. I have advised students on difference-in-differences designs, fixed effects, working with panel data, searching for data and data cleaning. Several students I worked with went on to win the Outstanding Paper award in the economics department.

Intermediate microeconomics is, as the name suggests, a bridge into how economists think about microeconomics. The course attracts students from all around the university: policy, business, engineering, mathematics, etc. Due to this I receive many requests to write reference letters for admission into a diverse number of programs: MBAs, graduate programs, internships, etc. I am willing and happy to support students as they pursue their career goals.

Teaching Assistant


I have experience working with student-athletes as a general course tutor at the Student-Athlete Academic Center (SAAC) at Florida International University, Miami, FL during the Summer 2017 semester. Student-Athletes balance their coursework and athletic pursuits and my job was to facilitate success in the classroom. Working with these students on their math, statistics, writing and economics courses helped me appreciate the unique challenges they face. To see more about the SAAC visit their website.

Learning Assistant

I was part of the undergraduate learning assistant program under the Florida International University STEM Transformation Institute and I served between 2013-2015 for the following courses: